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Canalys and Strategy Analytics: Huawei is now the number 2 smartphone brand in the world

Supporting IDC's reports, Strategy Analytics and Canalys, also release reports showing Huawei as the second largest smartphone brand in the world for Q2 2018.
Canalys report
Canalys report

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Huawei surpassed Apple in the global smartphone market for a whole quarter for the very first time. This may be attributed to Huawei's competitiveness in terms of releasing high quality smartphone with both technology and design in mind.
Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics

According to Strategy Analytics, Huawei grew exponentially with a growth of 41% annually from 38.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide during Q2 2017 to 54.2 million units shipped in Q2 2018. Huawei's midrange releases such as the Nova 2s and Nove 3e helped due to their popularity in Asia and Europe.

On the other hand, Canalys Analyst Mo Jia found that Huawei's strategy has evolved significantly over the last six months. They also found that Huawei has a 41% Year-on-Year growth with more than 54 million units sold at the of Q2 2018. The Huawei P20 is one of the catalysts with its strong presence that  exceeded launch quarter sell-in of its predecessors the P10 and P9.

Huawei's success can be attributed to  its consistent and massive investment in R&D. Huawei has one of the largest budget for research and development and this shows that their investment paid off. They have more than 80,000 staff members at their R&D department which is around 45 percent of their total number of employees.

They also built world class hubs of expertise such as the algorithm center in Moscow, UX design center in San Francisco, design center in London, aesthetic center in Paris and the 5G technology development center in Germany.

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