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Sony launches the MASTER Series A9F 4K HDR TV

Sony announced their new line of televisions with the Sony BRAVIA OLED A9F. The new A9F series TVs will be included in Sony's MASTER series of televisions.
Sony launches the MASTER Series A9F 4K HDR TV

Sony's MASTER series of TVs will include models with the highest picture quality available. The A9F series will feature Sony's proprietary tech and solutions including the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. The Sony BRAVIA OLED A9F is said to provide picture quality similar to professional-grade monitors in a movie production studio.

The aforementioned Picture Processor X1 Ultimate is designed to deliver high quality and realistic images. It can intelligently detect and analyze each object in the picture through Sony;s new Object-based Super Resolution for accuracy and detail. The Object-based HDR has also seen a rework for better image enhancement.

Sony is also coming out with a feature that is a collaboration with Netflix called the Netflix Calibrated Mode. This feature will mirror the same quality as a studio evaluation master for TV would have. This means that you will see the directors' or artists' vision as accurately as possible. The MASTER series will also be CalMAN-ready which is a feature used to calibrate Portrait Displays.

Here are more features for the MASTER Series A9F 4K HDR OLED TV 65-inch model:

  • The Pixel Contrast Booster which will have 8 million self-illuminating pixels that works with Sony's panel controller designed for OLED. It aims to bring a significantly enriched visual experience with the blackest blacks, more authentic color, and a wide viewing angle. 
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+ aims to create a rich sound field that is delivered from three actuators and two subwoofers that are facing sideways. This greatly enhances the viewing experience. 
  • It will also feature a vibrant and expanded color spectrum with TRILUMINOS™ Display. This also further enhances color accuracy.
  • Android TV 8.0 Oreo OS will include Android TV with Hands-free Voice Search to find what you want by simply talking to the TV via built-in microphones.

The A9F MASTER series is slated for a September launch here in the Philippines.

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