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Google unleashes Android 9 Pie (Go edition)

Technology giant Google has just unveiled the new Android 9 Pie (Go edition) to provide seamless experience for entry-level smartphone users. 
Google unleashes Android 9 Pie (Go edition)
Android 9 Pie (Go edition)

In its blog post, the firm said end-users can enjoy the Pie version of Android Go, which offers:

1. Up to an additional 500MB of storage available out of the box
2. Faster device boot times
3. Top-of-the-line security features like verified boot
4. A accessible dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption

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To compare, the usual Android stall would have almost 70 percent of the phones' capacity, while with Oreo version of Android Go it could take up 38 percent. 

But with the new version, the smartphone will have 70 percent of the drive free. 

Collectively, these features help solve some of the most common pain points for entry-level device owners: storage, performance, data management and security. 

Google also teased the industry as it targets to offer the first devices with the new Pie (Go edition) this coming fall, between September to December.

It is the upgrade of the Oreo (Go edition).

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Source: Google
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