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IFA 2018: Huawei reveals EMUI 9.0 with GPU Turbo 2.0 and Natural UX

During the IFA 2018, Huawei unveiled the EMUI 9.0 that is based around the Android 9.0 Pie. It is slated to be rolled out with the Mate 20 series on October.
IFA 2018: Huawei reveals EMUI 9.0 with GPU Turbo 2.0 and Natural UX
Huawei announces EMUI 9.0

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Huawei stated that there are around 350 million daily active users of the EMUI spread across 216 countries and regions. EMUI 9.0 will feature new features including the Natural UX. This user interface will integrate nature's sounds and colors while maintaining a minimalist style.

The number of settings is also toned down from EMUI 8.0's 940 to 843 for EMUI 9.0. There is also the GPU Turbo 2.0, the successor to the very first GPU Turbo, that promises a smoother experience both with the UI and overall performance. It also has the Helpful AI that supports 147 operators. It also increased the number of API, scenes that can be detected, from 22API to 33API. HiVision in EMUI 9.0 can also detect the world's most popular places of interest and over 10 million paintings.

New features will also include improved one-hand operation, new swiping gestures, and a Password Vault that helps in terms of app logins by storing usernames and passwords in secure zones allowing you to login to apps using your fingerprint and facial recognition.

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Source: FoneArena
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