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OPPO's VOOC flash charge tech can help you save 31 days in a year, here's how!

Based on a new study by OPPO, their smartphones like the Find X flagship and the mid-range F9 can help you save 31 days in a year with the help of VOOC flash charge tech.
OPPO's VOOC flash charge tech can help you save 31 days in a year, here's how!
Find X

How? Standard 5V/1A chargers from the likes of the iPhone X needs around 200 minutes when the smartphone is off and 255 minutes when turned on before reaching the 100 percent battery mark.

On the other hand, devices with VOOC flash charge technology can deliver more power to select devices in a lot less time.

It uses higher current instead of increasing the voltage during the charging process. It also has five layers of protection that cover the charging adapter and the smartphone for a safe yet speedy charging time.

The result? It can fully charge an OPPO smartphone with VOOC in just 76 minutes when turned on and 95 minutes when on.

Basically, it can charge you handset 124 minutes faster than the standard charger.

Let's say you charge your phone once a day, you will save a total of 45,260 minutes in a year!

It is equivalent to 754.33 hours or a total of 31 days/1 month.

It simply means you can do a lot more with phones that has the VOOC flash charge solution.
OPPO also claimed that the F9 has up to 2 hours of talk time in just 5 minutes of charge.
F9's dual-camera setup
F9's dual-camera setup

In our own test, it is even faster!

We were able to fill up the OPPO F9 to 100 percent in just one hour!

On the other hand, we were able to charge the Find X from 10 to 100 percent in less than one hour.

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