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Top 9 features of Huawei's EMUI 9.0 skin!

Along with the Mate 20 series, Huawei recently unveiled the EMUI 9.0, a UI inspired by nature according to the Chinese tech giant. 
Top 9 features of Huawei's EMUI 9.0 skin!
Huawei EMUI 9.0 skin on Mate 20 Pro

In case you missed it, Huawei just updated the Mate 10 and P20 series to the EMUI 9.0 skin.

The EMUI 9.0 skin highlights the following: UI design changes, support for gestures for shortcuts, AI-assisted optimizations to keep your phone fast always, improved AI recognition/translation with HiVision, a lot of security features, and more!

To give you a better glimpse of what the EMUI 9.0 has in-store for us, read on!

Top 9 features of Huawei's EMUI 9.0 skin!

1. Smart Color Picker - This feature of the EMUI 9.0 blends the natural and artificial colors for the smartphone's display. It improves the contrast and vibrancy of the user experience as well as the readability of the text, creating a throughly immersive and natural experience. 

2. Simplified and unified settings - Huawei made sure that the user experience of the EMUI 9.0 skin is seamless. When you go to the Settings menu, approximately 10 percent of the items have either been moved to the "Advance" tab or some have been combined to simplify the process. 

3. Unified design language - EMUI 9.0 groups all frequently used features in apps such as email, contact, calendar, and notes. It relocated all these at the center bottom half for easy access via the user's hand thumb. The inconsistencies of the past EMUI are now significantly been improved in the EMUI 9.0.

4. Ergonomic design - The previous navigation bar at the top of the screen is now moved to the bottom. Huawei also claims that the motions displayed in the EMUI 9.0 are also more fluid and the visual elements are now confined with the human eye's "comfort zone". 
Huawei EMUI 9.0
Huawei EMUI 9.0

5. Optimized Performance - Huawei has been boasting that the EMUI skin was made fast and will age even better. The Chinese smartphone giant stays true to the EMUI's commitment: "Born Fast, Stay Fast".
  Ageing simulation of Huawei phones versus Samsung Galaxy Note9
Ageing simulation of Huawei phones versus Samsung Galaxy Note9

With the EMUI 9.0, users can now load their apps much smoother and faster. For example, the Instagram app now launches 12 percent faster and Spotify at 11 percent faster than the previous EMUI skin version.

GPU Turbo 2.0 now provides targeted enhancements to key or graphically demanding gaming scenarios. Aside from this graphical performance, the GPU Turbo 2.0 also enhances the touch response of devices. It also supports more games, including Vainglory, NBA 2K18, Rules of Survival, and Arena of Valor.

6. Tight consumer data and privacy security - If you're that type of person who keeps on forgetting your passwords, EMUI 9.0 has Password Vault. It saves passwords in a secure zone, encrypting, and saving sensitive data locally. 

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The EMUI 9.0 is all about more advanced AI technology. For the camera, a user can simply point the camera lens to a landmark or famous art piece, and the user will know the details of it.

You can even count the calories of the food you are eating, directly shop for the item you detected, translate other languages to your language, and more.

Thanks to EMUI 9.0's Hi Vision feature.

By the way, the AI of EMUI also help with the battery management and let you enjoy better RAM management to let your phone have longer battery life and keep it smooth always.

8. Spotlight Reel - You can now make a video with your favorite celebrity or athlete with this EMUI 9.0 feature. All you need is to download a video of them where you want to be featured as well and you'll be able to place yourself in it. This feature can generate 10-second videos using facial recognition, and an original video.

9. Well-balanced digital life - EMUI 9.0 cares about the time the user spends on the device. Under this feature are the following: screen time management, wind down, and work smarter. All of these help the user to minimize their time on their smartphones when it seems like they've been on it for a while.

The EMUI 9.0 skin has already been available on Mate 20 series out of the box. 

Meanwhile, if you're a Huawei Mate 10 and P20 series user, you can check out here how you can update your phone's skin to the latest EMUI 9.0.

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