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Xiaomi Mi Transparent Luggage now available in the Philippines

Xiaomi announced that their Mi Transparent Luggage is now available at the Mi Store here in the Philippines. You can not hide anything with this.
Mi Transparent Luggage now available for PHP 4,495
Mi Transparent Luggage now available for PHP 4,495

Transparency is honesty

The Mi Transparent Luggage has a hard-shell design made out of tough, transparent material. You can see the luggage's contents via 360-degree view. The luggage's dimensions looks compact as well.

It also comes with a high performance PTU handle assuring that all parts of the luggage is reliable and secure. It also has a sturdy foot design as well as four wheels at the bottom for easier transport.

Smooth zippers assure that there are no hassles when opening and closing the luggage which is useful during airport inspections.

For security, it also comes with a double mechanical TSA customs approved password lock.

Price and Availability

The Mi Transparent Luggage is priced at PHP 4,495 and is now currently available at different Mi Stores in the Philippines. Mi Store is also offering other luggage options as well.

What do you guys think? Do you feel more secure with a transparent luggage?

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