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DICT launches PHP 512-million cybersecurity project

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) kicked off today its PHP 512-million Cybersecurity Management System Project with the aim to detect cyber attacks on government agencies "near real-time". 
DICT launches PHP 512-million cybersecurity project

Allan Cabanlong, DICT assistant secretary for cybersecurity and enabling technologies, said in a press briefing the agency wants to strengthen the country’s fight against cybercriminals. 
DICT's Allan Cabanlong talks to reporters at the sidelines of the presscon
DICT's Allan Cabanlong talks to reporters at the sidelines of the presscon

Cabanlong noted that under the phase one of the project, the government would start with the top 10 priority agencies, where it aims to monitor attacks and quickly assist the agencies.

If we detect the threat of a ransomware attack, for instance, we will notify all 10 agencies of the antidote for the attack, he said.

The project would also dare to access the infamous dark web, targeting to aid and alert the police force on illegal activities and emerging threats. 

For the phase two, the government eyes increasing the number of agencies from 10 to 40 in the long run, hoping to cover those agencies which pose impact on both "national security and technological stability."

The private sector would also participate as the DICT awarded the project to the winning bidder, a group composed of Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. and US-based software firm Verint. 

The DICT will also conduct a bidding process for the second phase. 

Cabanlong said this move was to secure that all critical infrastructure of the Philippines would be ready given that cyber threats are on the rise. 

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