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Apple extends apology over FaceTime security problem

A big security flaw with Group FaceTime security was discovered a few days ago. Apple was even forced to shut it down while they fix the problem.
Apple extends apology over FaceTime security problem

Group Face Time security flaw

The security flaw is as follows. The loophole allowed users to snoop in on people before they even pick up the call. The caller can start receiving audio way before the receiver answers. This is a big problem as it invades privacy. The alarming thing is how simple it is to trigger the bug.

Apple was quick to disable the feature which makes it impossible to exploit the bug for "curious" people. It is not isolated to mobile devices as people were successful in reproducing the bug using their Macs.

Right now, Apple released a statement saying that the bug will be addressed on the next software update and will that they will re-enable Group FaceTime next week. They assure that their engineers are looking at every possible way to reproduce the bug so that they can fully fix it. 

They also stated that they are truly sorry about the lapse in terms of security. They also extended their appreciation for their users' patience and understanding.

What do you guys think?

Source: GSMArena
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