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Apple to have a Vivo-like tech, could launch iPhone with In-Display fingerprint scanner

Apple has quietly filed for a patent which shows a new iPhone Touch ID system. It could be similar to what Vivo popularized, an In-Display fingerprint scanner.
Apple to have a Vivo-like tech, could launch iPhone with In-Display fingerprint scanner
iPhone In-Display Touch ID patent

Apple's version of an In-Display fingerprint scanner

It maybe similar to what Vivo did, but it should be better. Why? Apple's In-Display Touch ID technology can let you unlock the iPhone when a finger touches anywhere on the screen. It simply means that it is bigger than the current In-Display fingerprint readers found on most modern flagship phones today.
The illustration
The illustration

According to AppleInsider, the patent revealed that there's an array of transducers are positioned in contact with the surface, and can transmit a coded impulse signal, in response to a touch input.

AppleInsider added that an image resolver can receive the reflection data and generate and image based on the input by monitoring the reflections form multiple coded signals.

It sounds very similar to Qualcomm's Ultrasonic In-Display fingerprint scanner as well. This tech is reportedly coming to the Galaxy S10 this month.

The fingerprint and facial recognition will work together as well, just like basic Android phones.

Forbes added that using fingerprint and facial recognition in conjunction might deliver "military-grade security" to the iPhones.

It could be used by Apple to promote iPhones as potential passport and ID document replacements.

Now, let's see if Apple is ready to implement this new tech on the upcoming iPhones this year.

Could this be their way to improve the struggling sales of iPhones despite not having 5G tech this year?

What do you guys think?

Sources: AppleInsider, Forbes
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