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Canalys: Huawei, Xiaomi take over Europe

According to Canalys, Chinese smartphone brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei are taking control a third of the market while flagships took a hit. 
Canalys: Huawei, Xiaomi take over Europe
Xiaomi and Huawei showed significant growth in Europe

Chinese brands grow in Europe

Chinese vendors showed 27 percent increase in shipments
Chinese vendors showed 27 percent increase in shipments

Western Europe is the biggest sub-region in the continent where 128 millions units out of 197 million across Europe. The European market as a whole is down 4 percent year over year with the Western region showing the lowest shipments since 2013.

The major reason for this drop is the rising prices of flagships. Countries with the highest Average Selling Price or ASP showed the biggest drops while countries focusing on mid-range devices such as Spain and Italy saw their shipments grow.

Western Europe saw a 20 percent rise in popularity for smartphones with a price range of USD 200 to USD 350. Canalys note that USD 300 can buy you a better mid-range device in 2018 compared to 2017.

Huawei and Xiaomi are the biggest winners in the shift toward more affordable devices, Huawei showed a 54 percent growth YoY and on the heels of Apple. The USA is trying to ban out Chinese makers which prompted a more aggressive effort in investing in Europe.

Samsung and Apple remain on top but is starting to lose major ground. HMD Global with their Nokia line of smartphones is now in the Top 5 in Europe as well.

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Source: Canalys
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