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4 reasons why you should keep your home landline connection according to PLDT

PLDT has four reasons for its consumers on why they should keep their home landline connection. For some, telephone may be "old-school" tech but it is still a reliable communication medium.
PLDT states 4 reasons to keep a landline at home
PLDT states 4 reasons to keep a landline at home

4 reasons why you need to keep a landline at home

Landlines have been in the heart of history and evolution of telecommunications. However, with the tech available today, most people take its functionality for granted. There are 4 reasons why you still need to have a landline at home.

1. Reliability - Landline phones functions in an older but reliable way. It will work even during power outages and does not rely on battery life and load credits. When you place an emergency call to 911 and other hotlines, they can also pinpoint your location easier.

2. Strong and stable connections - You will not worry about choppy connections during phone calls over landlines. PLDT even offers it with a cordless phone to keep you up and about even during a phone call. With the Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology, cordless phones can now reach up to 300 meters from the base without interference.
The plans
The plans

3. Cost efficiency - Having a landline can help you save up from your phone bills. Calling mobile phones from a landline bundled with PLDT Home internet service is free. Home deliveries and services that you need to call is also more cost-efficient through a landline vs a mobile phone.

4. More complete home - If you are a PLDT Home Broadband customer, you can add a cordless landline phone subscription for as low as PHP 79 per month. You can also get free calls to Smart, TNT and Sun subscribers as well. The Basic Cordless unit offered by PLDT has high quality speakerphone functionality, caller ID display and up to 10 hours of continuous talk time.

The is the Premium Base unit that goes for PHP 99 per month. It features longer talk time, power fail back up system, answering machine, intercom and transfer calls between handsets.

A better looking unit called the Prime Cordless is also available for PHP 199 per month. It has a sleek and trendy design and all of the features the previously mentioned versions have.

What do you guys think? Do you still have a landline at home?
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