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Samsung celebrates 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series

Samsung celebrates 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series. The next phone of the Korean giant is expected to be a powerhouse.
10 years of Samsung Galaxy smartphones
10 years of Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Samsung's 10 years of Galaxy Series innovation

What can we expect with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series?
What can we expect with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series?

Back in 2010, Samsung debuted the Super AMOLED display along with the Galaxy S. At the time, it was at the pinnacle of smartphone displays and has been the foundation of modern Samsung Galaxy screens. The Super AMOLED screen provided great colors and visibility under any lighting conditions.

In 2014, they further improved their screen technology with the Edge Display. It was first seen with the Galaxy Note Edge. The Edge Display allowed users to view notifications and updates discreetly without picking up the phone. A year after, they launched the Galaxy S6 Edge with a Dual-Curve Display.

These improvements then led to the Infinity Display which was debuted with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ on 2017. It minimized the bezels drastically which enabled to enlarge the screen without sacrificing the size of the device itself.

Camera improvements

From 2010 to 2012, Samsung showed the world what mobile photography can do and what the future holds. They launched innovative mobile shooting modes such as Panorama mode  and Burst Mode that came with the Galaxy S3. Burst Mode allowed 20-frame action sequence shots.

In 2016, Dual Pixel AF was introduced by Samsung. It came with wider aperture options which allowed users to produce crisp and gorgeous shots even in low-light. Then in 2017, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 8 with their first Dual Camera setup that sports a wide-angle and telephoto lens. Live Focus also arrived which adds background blur to emphasize the subject.

In 2018, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ came out witha Super Slow-mo mode that records videos at 960 frames per second/

Features galore

In terms of exclusive features, Samsung introduced the S Pen back in 2011. This is exclusive to the Galaxy Note series that allowed users to do more with their device. You can use it from doodling, quick note taking and more. It then even improved in 2018, as it became connected via Bluetooth allowing for more functionality such as taking photos and activate apps with just a few clicks.

In 2012, S Voice was introduced as a way to interact with your smartphone. It recognized voice commands for tasks such as telling the time, providing weather updates and more. It came with the Galaxy S2 and served as a prerequisite for Bixby.

Samsung DeX was introduced in 2017 to provide a PC-like experience from Galaxy series smartphones. It is compatible with the Galaxy S8 and above wherein it can provide easy screen mirroring, dual display setups and even using the phone as mouse and keyboard.

Samsung has done a lot with the Galaxy series for the last ten years. What can we expect from them here on out?
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