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#MWC19: TCL announces DragonHinge technology for their foldable phones

TCL just announced their DragonHinge foldable screen technology. This technology will be utilized for their foldable phones in 2020.
TCL announces DragonHinge technology for fordable devices
TCL announces DragonHinge technology for fordable devices

DragonHinge technology for TCL foldable phones

TCL's design will allow for a seamless folding and bending
TCL's design will allow for a seamless folding and bending

With foldable phones becoming the new design trend in smartphones, TCL introduced their own foldable screen solution with their DragonHinge technology. They showcased it along with their flexible screen product portfolio at MWC 2019.

This is following the announcement of the Samsung Fold and Huawei Mate X. Foldable phones are becoming the norm as it combines the functionality of a phone and a tablet in ways that are years ago deemed improbable. Now with companies creating their own folding device solution, such as TCL's DragonHinge technology, the improbable became a reality.

The foldable devices showcased by TCL used flexible AMOLED displays from CSOT, TCL's sister company, and is supported with the DragonHinge technology. This technology creates a mechanical housing for these devices which allow them to fold and bend. This design language will allow seamless movement and development of further flexible device designs.

The DragonHinge technology will be available commercially with TCL's foldable devices expected to be officially launched in 2020. TCL said that they are not aspiring to be the first one to launch a foldable device and instead chose to employ a patient and thoughtful approach to make sure that they tackled every possible hardware and software challenges.

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Source: Fonearena
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