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GCash's Invest Money allows PHP 50 minimum investment

Investing might be intimidating for many as it requires a quite hefty fund, but with the kind of technological advancements we have now, we may have to shell out only PHP 50.
GCash's Invest Money allows PHP 50 minimum investment
GCash app

Buying stocks can be costly as Filipinos have to cough up at least PHP 5,000 or even PHP 8,000 sometimes to open a trading account.
You can now invest with GCash
You can now invest with GCash

But have you ever imagined that you could invest with just PHP 50 via your smartphone, wherever you are or whenever you want? The amount is only a half of what we usually spend for a milktea, or our favorite fastfood meal.

Globe Telecom's mobile wallet aims to level the playing field, allowing more Filipinos to grow their money without costing an arm and a leg. 

GCash's Invest Money allows PHP 50 minimum investment

Invest for as low as PHP 50

Introduced last year, GCash's Invest Money is now officially online where it promises GCash users to experience the lowest minimum investment amount ever with trusted investment firms.
Click invest money
Click invest money

Without the need of various documents, like payslips or tax returns, GCash users can invest in ATRAM Trust Corporation's Peso Money Market Fund.

In order to avail of this service, a user must be verified. Once GCash confirms your identity, you can just click the "Invest Money" button. 

Inside the "Invest Money", you will have to review your personal details and answer a number of questions, including your past investments, to help ATRAM determine what kind of investor you are.

Once you submit the needed information, GCash will send you a notification via a text message and email. Take note that although you registered, ATRAM has the right to reject your request if you failed to meet its pre-set criteria for a potential investor.

The company also acknowledged that while GCash, with its partner firms, committed to provide PHP 50 minimum investment, the profit that will be earned will still depend on the market performance.

Moreover, to remove lingering worries, especially for first-time investors, GCash made sure that the interface would be user-friendly as it will guide you on how to begin your investment journey, such as setting up a reminder to invest regularly, monitor the growth of your investments, and redeem your investment whenever you want to.

GCash continues to seek leadership in the country's digital economy, helping it bloom even further with this kind of service.

Established more or less a decade ago, the mobile platform has expanded its services from paying for items and sending money online, or purchasing  from a wide array of stores using the quick response technology using smartphones, to challenging the traditional ways of saving and earning money.

How about you? Have you thought about investing? Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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