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Huawei records solid performance in Q1 2019

Chinese tech giant saw its profit climb by 39 percent to CNY 179.7 billion for the first three months of 2019, propelled by its ICT and smart devices segments. 
Huawei records solid performance in Q1 2019
Huawei posts higher net income in first quarter of 2019

Solid numbers for Huawei again

With the expected aggressive rollout of fifth generation (5G) technology across the globe, Huawei said it would bank on this to further grow its Carrier Business Group.

Huawei maintained its focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices, and continued to boost the efficiency and quality of its operations, which has helped contribute to its solid performance in Q1 2019, Huawei said.

It is also worthy to mention that Huawei continues to be the leader in the 5G race. 

Just for the first quarter, the group already secured 40 commercial contracts for 5G with global carriers, and shipped over 70,000 5G base stations. 

Its Enterprise Business Group also made a mark in the industry after deploying the world's first 5G-enabled WiFi 6 access points. By end of the January-March operation, the unit already shipped more WiFi 6 products than any other firms in the world.

Huawei has also begun its goal to make China a digital country by introducing "Huawei Inside" strategy, boasting "ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence." 

In the period, Huawei also shipped 59 million smartphones. It claimed that its PCs, wearables, and smart home, also witnessed strong performance in the global market. 

The group will also continue works on its Huawei Cloud in an aim to build the best possible hybrid cloud, provide full-stack AI solutions for intelligent industries, and make inclusive AI a reality.

Source: Huawei
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