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Meet Sharp Bluetooth Partybox, The portable loud party speaker!

Sharp recently introduced the Bluetooth Partybox in the Philippines. It's a high power all-in-one speaker for indoor and outdoor use. 
Meet Sharp Bluetooth Partybox, The portable loud party speaker!
Sharp Bluetooth Partybox PS-920(GM)

As its name suggests, Sharp's new speaker is designed to let you enjoy the party nearly everywhere. It highlights a loud 150W dual-speaker setup with a slim form factor and a carry handle for better portability.

It also features a super bass button to increase bass response, 2 multi-colored LED lights, and built-in battery.

The price is also quite attractive for the features at PHP 8,990.

Here's a quick look at the Sharp Bluetooth Partybox!

Meet Sharp Bluetooth Partybox

View at the back
View at the back

Sharp Bluetooth Partybox PS-920(GM) is mostly made out of durable polycarbonate materials with matte finish and the usual metallic speaker grills. For a speaker with loud 150W max output the size is not too big.
Not too big for a party box
Not too big for a party box

It is actually considered as pretty slim at 597 x 259 x 260 mm. At 7.3 kg, it is not as heavy as other party box from competing brands with over 10 kg of weight. In comparison, JBL's Party Box 300 weighs at 15.3 kg.

The speaker even has an 
integrated carry handle for better portability. For me, it's a pretty stylish speaker in general. It doesn't have water and dust resistance though.

Strong battery life!

Battery life is also strong. Sharp failed to mention its exact battery capacity, but it lasted for 10 hours without the lights at minimal loudness. With average loudness, it can last for 6 hours. On max volume with lights, it has up to 3 hours of battery life.

Charging time is under 3 hours. Not bad!
All the controls and ports!
All the controls and ports!

Using the speaker is also quite easy. You can either use the 3.5mm aux cable or Bluetooth to connect to your music device. Pairing is seamless and all the controls are easy to understand.

It also has a 2x USB input mode and an FM Radio with 87.5 to 108MHz frequency.

Using the 3.5mm aux cable and USB input will still provide the best audio versus wireless connectivity.

But, its wireless connectivity is decent even if it is only using the older Bluetooth 2.1 standard. Why? It is paired with EDR and A2DP. EDR is for faster data transfers and A2DP will allow you to stream stereo audio on Bluetooth. Overall range is up to 10 meters.

There are few occasions where we experienced audio latency or lag while playing our favorite tunes. Just reconnect or re-pair it with your Bluetooth device if you will experience audio lag.

It also goes a microphone included in the package and 2x 6.3mm microphone slots. What does that mean? You can also use this party box as a karaoke speaker.

Cool party lights!

The other highlight of this speaker are its party lights. It comes with white lights on the side and blinking red, green, and blue colored lights in the middle.

It also has a feature that allows you to connect it other audio devices like Echo (Alexa).
Loud sound!
Loud sound!

When it comes to sound quality, the Sharp Bluetooth Partybox is superb.

It can provide a full good loud sound. Bass response by default is deep, fast, and tight. But, bass could even go louder and deeper if you will use the press the super bass button.

Big bass response, sparkling highs

However, quality of mids (vocals) will slightly suffer as the bass will overpower other frequencies a little. There are other songs where the mids are a bit too flat for me. The solution? Use the pop EQ to make vocals sound fuller and clearer.

The highs are amazing with good amount of treble sparkle. Soundstage is also quite wide. It is also super loud. You won't have a problem in filling a big room with good loud sound. Even on max loudness, audio distortion is also minimal.

On karaoke mode, it has an option to adjust microphone echo to let you enjoy music the way you want it.

Quick thoughts

Sharp's Bluetooth Partybox is one of the better and most versatile speakers in its class. It is a great entertainment machine even for outdoor use. The price is very competitive for its portability, sound quality, and features at PHP 8,998.
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