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ARM releases new premium CPU, GPU for better AI performance

ARM just unveiled its new chip designs targeted for premium smartphones. 
ARM releases new premium CPU, GPU for better AI performance
ARM launches new premium chips
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Powerful cores

The company, which designs chip architecture, announced its premium CPU and GPU designs, believed to further enhance AI performance in smartphones. 

ARM revealed the new Cortex-A77 CPU, the Mali-G77 GPU and a more energy efficient and powerful machine learning processor.

The Cortex-A77 CPU is promising to provide better machine learning performance, given the combination of hardware and software optimizations. SO users should expect overall performance improvements once the new CPU design has been included in smartphones.

For developers, the CPU is more critical than ever as it not only handles general-compute tasks as well as much of the device’s ML compute which must scale beyond today’s limits. The same holds true for more immersive untethered AR/VR applications, and HD gaming on the go, ARM said.

ARM is also seeking to boost mobile gaming, particularly for mobile virtual reality and augmented reality experiences with its new Mail-G77 GPU architecture. It claimed this new GPU delivers 1.4x better performance than its previous G76, plus 30 percent more energy efficient and 60 percent faster at running machine learning inference and neural net workloads. 

Every new smartphone experience begins with more hardware performance and features to enable developers to unleash further software innovation, the company said. 

Source: TechCrunch
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