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LG's new line of business refrigerators boast of efficient features and value for money

LG releases their latest line of business refrigerators that promise top cooling technology, bigger capacity, and value for money. 
LG's new line of business refrigerators boast of efficient features and value for money
LG's 8.0 cubic feet GR-N222SQCN

LG launches new and more efficient business refrigerators

The South Korean company said that they have built these new business refrigerators with the businessmen and women in mind. They have now two distinct models that are both perfect for the needs of every business industry consumers.

First up is the 8.0 cubic feet (cu.ft.). top freezer GR-N222SQCN. One of the boasting features of this refrigerator is the absence of the need to manually defrost. LG claims that its intensive circulation of cool air eliminates moisture from both the freezer and refrigerator  compartment, preventing the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls while also keeping power consumption low. 

Another feature is the presence of the Moist Balancer Crisper, which has a lattice structure that retains evaporated moisture from vegetables, allowing them to stay fresher for longer.
LG's 7.0 cubic feet GR-C331SLZB
LG's 7.0 cubic feet GR-C331SLZB

On the other hand, LG 7.0 cu.ft. single door GR-C331SLZB is the more fitting commercial refrigerator for small businesses. It’s close to the same size of regular household refrigerators, but has the power needed for commercial use. It has a large capacity and a big vegetable box, giving you all the space the user needs.

This refrigerator is semi-auto defrost. All you need to do is to press a button and the defrosting process begins. After 2 hours, you’ll faced with a pristine fridge ready for cleaning.

We will update this article once we have its availability and price, so stay tuned!
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