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Xiaomi releases a powerbank with a makeup mirror

If you are always on the go and a kikay, you would probably want Xiaomi's latest product in your bag. 
Xiaomi releases a powerbank with a makeup mirror
Xiaomi's powerbank that doubles as a makeup mirror

Power bank with makeup mirror

The Chinese company just released a portable power bank that also works as a makeup mirror. 

The product has a dimension of 85 x 76 x 17mm, portable enough to fit in a lady's handbag. It is also suitable when you need a backup power for your gadget as it only has 3,000mAh battery with 5V/1A input and output. 
Mirror with LED lamp

For its mirror feature, the powerbank is equipped with 12 high-brightness LED lamp beads surrounding the mirror. They emit colour temperature and light that simulates natural light. 

Xiaomi noted the user may opt to adjust the brightness, but the light will also depend on the illumination of the environment. The mirror also offers 2x magnifying glass design. 

If the battery capacity is down to 10 percent, the mirror illuminating light beads automatically turns off. 

The device has a price tag of CNY 129 (around PHP 970) in China.

Source: GizmoChina
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