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Converge ICT partners with Secure64 to enhance internet security

To provide its customers with secured internet connection, Converge ICT recently partnered with Secure64.
Converge ICT partners with Secure64 to enhance internet security
Converge and Secure64

Enhanced network security with the help of Secure64

Converge claimed that it is the best-in-class domain name system (DNS) solution for its subscribers. The role of Secure64 is to secure DNS servers that are purpose-built to be highly-protected and immune to malware.

It is also designed to protect its users from DNS cache poisoning which redirects users to a malicious page.

According to Converge ICT CEO and President Dennis Anthony Uy, all of us are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Every day, DNS server attacks pose threats to companies and customers – from theft of customer data to loss of access.

He also pointed that Converge want to protect its network and and users from these cybercrimes with the roll-out of our DNS infrastructure powered by Secure64.

Basically, Secure64 will shield Converge's network from security threats. It will also ensure  network scalability, prevents infections, and identifies infected devices.

For more info, visit https://www.convergeict.com/.

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