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Epson will focus on core technologies and B2B operations this 2019

After achieving the number one spot in the Philippine high brightness projectors sector in the recent year, Epson wants to focus on their core technology and B2B operations for 2019.
Epson's vision this 2019 will focus on core technologies and B2B operations
Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka in the opening exercises of the adjourned Epson Fusion 10

Epson to focus on core technology and B2B segment

The Japanese tech giant announced in the recently adjourned media thanksgiving event their recent achievements and market share in the Philippines. Epson is now on top when it comes to high brightness projectors with a total of 36.4 percent market share.
Epson is now the number one brand in high brightness projectors
Epson is now the number one brand in high brightness projectors

They have also presented an overall positive growth of 23 percent in 2018 over the 17 percent growth of their 2017. In terms of product category, inkjet printers and scanners were the highest contributors at 70 percent followed by point of sale (POS) and dot matrix printers at 14 percent, visual instruments at 11 percent, and commercial & industrial products at 5 percent.

For Epson to become an indispensable company, we have to continue to move outside of our comfort zone and into a more progressive mindset—with obsession to details still deeply embedded in our DNA, said Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager for Marketing, Epson Philippines Corporation.   To add to our exceptional performance for inkjet printers and scanners, the FY18 performance for POS and dot matrix printers, visual instruments and commercial & industrial products tells us that this is the perfect opportunity to build the new foundation for Epson here in the Philippines.

This 2019, Epson want to penetrate and focus on the B2B segment. This will be done via technology enabling more personalized and real-time experiences, customers expect more from businesses.
Where Epson Fus10n happened, Discovery Shores Boracay
Where Epson Fus10n happened, Discovery Shores Boracay

Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka, Epson Philippines Country Manager will be leaving his 7-year post in the country. His successor, Mr. Ando Munenori, was recently announced as the new Managing Director of Epson Singapore overseeing Southeast Asia region, and concurrently country manager for Epson Thailand and Epson Philippines. He is also concurrently holding the role of Executive Officer at Seiko Epson Corporation (herein referred to as SEC) Epson’s global headquarters in Japan.

The tenth year of Epson's annual media thanksgiving event happened from May 20-22, 2019 in Boracay, Aklan.
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