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LG to launch front-loader with AI DD for optimized washing in the Philippines

In South Korea, LG Electronics (LG) revealed that the company is set to launch its newest front-loader in the Philippines.
LG to launch front-loader with AI DD for optimized washing in the Philippines
The front-loader with AI DD

It's an intelligent washing machine with deep learning and upgraded TurboWash 360 for optimized washing and minimize clothing damage.

Up to 18 percent more fabric protection

It uses the company's new Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) with deep learning technology to deliver thorough yet gentle care and automatically determine the characteristics and volume of each load to minimize fabric damage.

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LG reveals that its enhanced DD motor uses deep learning by the data collected by the company for tuned washing patterns, automatically detect the weight of the laundry, and accurately assessing fabric softness.

The effect? It reduces fabric damage by 18 percent which will eventually prolong the lifespan of your clothes.

Better cleaning in less time

On the other hand, the improved TurboWash 360 tech is designed to make your clothes cleaner in less time. It has Fast Wash which just takes 39 minutes to complete. LG said that it is 34 percent faster than the conventional TurboWash option.

Basically, the washer sprays jets of water and laundry detergent in four different directions to make your clothes cleaner in less time.

To end the wash, LG uses Steam+ sterilizing tech to neutralize 99.9 percent of allergens. It also has Wrinkle Care solution to remove up to 30 percent of creases.

Other features


By placing MiniWash directly underneath it, the new front-loader can also turn into an LG TWINWash which allows users to wash two loads at the same time.

The new washer can also be remotely controlled with a smartphone using the SmartThinQ app.

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LG also boasts that the new washing machine comes with an energy rating of A+++ -50 percent and 10-year warranty. 

Price and availability

There's no word regarding its official local price in the Philippines yet, but we can expect LG to launch in the country this Q2 2019.
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