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Redmi K20 Gold Edition debuted in India

Hours before the launch of Redmi K20 Pro in India, Xiaomi's sub-brand unveiled its premium version that is worth USD 7,000 (around PHP 357K without taxes and duties yet) each.
Redmi K20 Gold Edition debuted in India
Redmi K20 Gold Edition

The brand is planning to produce only twenty pieces of this handset while the specifications of the new variant are yet unknown.

Redmi K20 Gold Edition

The reputation of the Redmi line from Xiaomi is basically affordability without neglecting the quality at par with its competitors. A good example of this is the Redmi K20 with its octa-core processor with Snapdragon 855 SoC, hefty RAM and storage options and pop-up selfie camera. In China, it is one of the most affordable for its specs.
The price in India
The price in India

All of a sudden Redmi India released a gold version of this model and the cost is fifteen times more than the original. So what makes the design stand out from the other smartphones?

Manu Kumar, the managing director of  Xiaomi India twitted "something out of the world" with an image of the special variant that boasted of a gold-finish back with a diamond-embellished logo of the letter "K".  According to the company, this version was actually made out of gold, not just a gold-plated one. 

Aside from that, diamonds were used to dress up the handset. Will it be available for purchase? It is still unsettled if Xiaomi India will retail this alongside the regular models or this is just for showcase. 

The release of the Redmi K20 in the gold variant could be a symbolic gesture to mark the fifth year of the company in India.

With this ultra-expensive offering of Xiaoming, will it now join the Apple and Samsung in releasing premium flagship phones worldwide?

So what are your thoughts?

Sources: The Verge, NDTV
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