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Samsung sold more S10 units than S9, 16 million in total

Again, a great start for Samsung. Based on the latest report, first-quarter sales of the Galaxy S10 series were 12 percent higher than the Galaxy S9.
Samsung sold more S10 units than S9, 16 million in total
The new Galaxy S10 5G

During the same period, Samsung sold 16 million units of the Galaxy S10 between March and May.

Strong numbers

Data revealed that the Galaxy S10+ is the best-selling S10 phone with 42 percent of sales. It is followed by 32 percent of S10 and 22 percent of S10e. Though not mentioned, the extra 3 percent could be the sales of the top-of-the-line S10 5G.

S10 5G is not widely available around the globe, unlike the other S10 phones.

Counterpoint's Q1 2019 data showed that Samsung is still the top mobile phone brand in the world with 21 percent of the global market share.

Samsung's nearest rivals are Huawei with 17 percent and Apple with 12 percent, respectively.

Recently, Huawei announced that the company shipped 10 million units of the P30 phones. Samsung launched the S10 phones in Feb, while Huawei released the P30 phones in late March 2018.

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