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Xiaomi opens R&D centers in Finland, plans improve camera game

To improve its camera game further, Xiaomi has opened research and development companies in Tampere, Finland.
Photo from: Radisson Blu Blog

According to Nokiamob's report, the companies are named as Xiaomi Finland Oy and Xiaomi Technology Finland Oy.

Xiaomi to make its camera game even better

It makes sense as Tampere, a town in Findland is a hotspot in terms of camera experts. 

Nokia had a camera research facility there. Huawei also opened its own in Tampere as well. Huawei's facility became home to a lot of former Nokia employees.  Fun fact, Huawei and Nokia's camera labs are in the same building.

Suomimobiili reported that Xiaomi will focus initially on developing camera technologies in Tampere.

Currently, Huawei has some of the best camera phones in the market and most likely Xiaomi wants to achieve the same thing.

What do you guys think? Could this be the start of even more amazing Xiaomi camera phones?

Sources: NokiaMobSuomimobiili
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