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#ThankYoufreenet: App is bidding goodbye on August 31

Whether it is for surfing the Internet, gaming or shopping online, it cannot be denied that many Filipinos had benefited so much from using the freenet app. Sad to say, it will be accessible until the last day of August 2019.
#ThankYoufreenet: App is bidding goodbye on August 31
freenet is signing off this month

How freenet helped its users?

With its tagline "Ang libreng net na bet!", freenet allows users to go online without the worry of incurring extra data charges.  It doesn’t even require a load balance or data subscription. With the addition of the Load Protect feature, everyone can have worry-free access to social networks and various websites for news, shopping, sports, food, travel, and others.

One of the primary reasons why this app became popular in the online community is the rewards from the ‘missions’. There are different kinds of missions such as going online, referring the app to your friends or visiting specified apps under the missions tab. Apart from this feature, there’s also a ‘My Data’ tab to manage and maximize your data package. Last but not the least is freenet’s free gaming pins for well-known games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Mobile Legends. Gamers can redeem those pins just by completing missions and earn points.

freenet's achievements with Filipino netizens

As a way of saying thanks, we from GIZGUIDE invites you to look back at freenet’s milestones over the few years of its service. In June 2016, freenet provided means for free mobile live streaming during the inauguration of Rodrigo Duterte as the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Sports fanatics were able to watch Gilas Pilipinas games by using freenet app as long as they are Smart, TNT, And Sun subscribers. In that same year, casual gamers stayed updated about the release of Pokemon Go with the use of the said app

By 2017, freenet made trusted tech websites available for surfing and that includes us GIZGUIDE, then November that year Lazada was accessible for free during its online revolution campaign. Not only that, Filipino pageant fans were able to watch coronation and support the PH bet for the Miss Universe held last January 2017 by using the app. As a way of saying thanks to freenetizens last year, freenet held their third anniversary with an OPM concert entitled Freeniversaya in MOA Arena.
Providing free access to tech blogs
Providing free access to tech blogs

Needless to say, freenet became a huge part in bringing awareness and enjoyment to the Filipino netizens during those said events and occasions. Even this good thing is coming to an end, loyal users still have the chance to make the most out of it by the end of this month.

Will you guys miss the freenet app?
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