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OPPO intros Dual WiFi and Game Color Plus for ColorOS

At the Chinajoy 2019, OPPO introduced new features for ColorOS on Reno phones to improve the overall gaming experience on its smartphones.
OPPO intros Dual WiFi and Game Color Plus for ColorOS
Dual WiFi and Game Color Plus

Dual WiFi

First off is the Dual WiFi, it will enable devices to connect to two different wireless networks simultaneously to double the network speed. It will also enable users to send and receive data independently and seamlessly and switch between two connections for the best online gaming and video streaming experience.

According to OPPO, game speed can be increased by 322 percent and video streaming speed has been increased by 296 percent on a 20Mbps connection.

Game Color Plus

On the other hand, Game Color Plus technology is an augmented imaging technology developed in partnership with Qualcomm. Basically, it will allow users to enjoy high-quality game scenes optimized for OPPO phone display with low power consumption.

It also uses 
Adaptive Image Enhancement (AIE), Compressed noise reduction (CNR), Edge pseudo pixel removal (EAR), and Quantization Brand Removal (QBR) to offer better output.

There's no word yet when will it be available on OPPO phones. We can expect OPPO to provide these features in the form of an update.

Source: FoneArena
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