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Google Assistant Go and Google Lens will be available with the Google Go update

Having a problem in using your phone browser especially in an area that has a faulty internet connection? A new lightweight search app called Google Go was recently released in the Play Store and this is now integrated with Assistant Go and Google Lens.
Useful functions of Google Go

What is Google Go for Android all about?
This new app is designed by Google to address the needs of those who want a lag-free Android experience but can only afford basic smartphones. If you lose connectivity, Google Go will retrieve your search results once you’re back online. As for size, Google Go weighs in at just over 7MB.

Google Go has the most number of functions packed, as it includes extra features such as a direct GIF search, and direct access buttons for YouTube, Weather, and Maps. On the other hand, it lacks a direct access button for Assistant Go but this issue can be further improved when the direct voice search is added. Aside from that, the Discover feed is planned to be combined with the Google Go app to customize news based on a user’s browsing history and preferred topics. Google Lens is also a future addition so that users can enjoy visual discoveries, and at the same time read and translate the text they spotted. It also has an AI-powered "Read Out Loud" feature that lets users hear any web page or highlighted words.

Other lightweight apps from Google

There’s also a series of Android apps that are built for optimal performance of the low-powered phones and these apps usually has the suffix “Go” on its name: Google Go, Assistant Go, Files Go, Gmail Go, Maps Go, and the last to join is Gallery Go.

These updates are available to all Android Go users globally as it has over 100 million installs and over 140,000 reviews on the Play Store. According to Google Go product manager Bibo Xu, “Millions of people have already used Google Go to find information on the web and make sense of the world around them,”. After rolling out to select markets in July, Google Go’s integration with Assistant Go and Google Lens is now available worldwide.

What are your thoughts on these new features from Google?

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