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Google adds Cebuano on Word Lens and Baybayin on GBoard!

Google announced that you can now translate Cebuano via Google Word Lens and you can now type in Baybayin on Gboard!
Google adds Cebuano on Word Lens and Baybayin on GBoard!
Cebuano Translated

Google Word Lens now Translates Cebuano

One of the Philippines' most popular languages is now supported by Word Lens. This means that you can now hold your phone in front of a sign, menu or any worded document, open the Google translate app and get instant camera translation of Cebuano into more than 100 different languages.

Google aims to help tourists to communicate with locals better to gain an even better understanding of Cebu's culture as well.

GBoard now supports indigenous scripts like Buhid, Hanunuo, Tagbanwa, and Baybayin

Baybayin in Gboard
Baybayin in Gboard

In an effort to preserve the endemic status of indigenous scrips like Buhid, Hanunuo, Tagbanwa, and Baybayin, Google has added and is supporting these languages on GBoard. You can now find them in the list of downloadable languages supported.
This means you can now type and communicate via indigenous scripts without a hitch!

  • You can download Google Translate and Gboard at the Google Play Store. 

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