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New OPPO slider phone in the works?

Color renders of an unannounced OPPO slider smartphone have been added to a patent application the brand made in March this year. 
New OPPO slider phone in the works?
Color Renders of an unannounced Oppo slider phone 

OPPO might be following up the Find series with a new slider smartphone in the shade of red

Official-looking color renders of an alleged new OPPO smartphone recently circulated online. The images reveal a smartphone with an all-screen front and a slider design that serves to hide a set of selfie cameras. 

Based on the photos, the smartphone might be the long-awaited follow up to last year’s Find X, which drew a lot of attention for its nostalgic slider design as well as advanced features such as 3D cameras and extensive utilization of AI. 
Alleged new Oppo slider phone has an all-screen front
Alleged new OPPO slider phone has an all-screen front

While it shares some design aspects of the Find X, this unannounced smartphone has dual cameras visibly set up on its rear as opposed to the Find X's 'stealth' camera. 

From the renders, we could also assume that this device will have a generous all-screen front given its sliding design and a pale shade of red color. The back of the device also bears a V-like distinctive pattern we are yet to discover the reason for.

OPPO did trademark the name Find Y, so we'll see if this checks out in the coming months. 

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