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OnePlus TV revealed to sport QLED display and run Android TV

OnePlus must be excited as we are for its upcoming TV. The brand has been trickling out the TVs technical details via Twitter and we can say it is shaping up to be a great addition to your home.
OnePlus TV revealed to sport QLED display and run Android TV
OnePlus TV will be getting a 55-inch QLED display

OnePlus TV with a QLED display and smart features is set to disrupt the display industry

The OnePlus TV is pegged for a September release, but in the days leading up to the launch, its key specifications have surfaced on the web. 

In an interview with Gadgets 360, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau expressed the brand's intention of creating a viewing experience different from the rest. He also underscored a futuristic approach for its TV, saying that it should be able to provide what you need rather than being a piece of technology you watch content on. This implies that OnePlus TV will heavily utilize artificial intelligence.

It has also been revealed that the TV will be powered by a yet to be released MediaTek MT5670 SoC and sport a Mali-GPU. As for other revealed features, the TV is also said to have 3GB RAM and will run Android 9.0 Pie.

It will have a QLED, 55-inch display, but reports also say that it may have size variations from 43 to 75 inches. To make the OnePlus experience complete, the panel is revealed to boast an "improved UI," which we're guessing is a OnePlus skin running atop Android TV. 

The OnePlus TV is set to launch in India first, then globally. It is rumored to have a more premium price tag than the likes of Xiaomi's Mi TV.

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