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Trend Micro PH launched Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Certified Professional Programs

As one of the pioneers in the field of cybersecurity, Trend Micro continues to offer innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments. Yesterday, the company is formally introduced its new service called Managed Detection and Response (MDR). 
Trend Micro PH launched Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Certified Professional Programs
At the Trend Micro's head office in Pasig

The Art of Cyber Security and why it is necessary

Modern businesses are now facing high-risk problems, and one of them is the lack of cybersecurity skills in the organization. Max Cheng, Chief Information Officer of Trend Micro shared that security breaches increased by 67 percent for last year. The attacks did not only grow in number, as there were notable threats in the first quarter this year that used multilayered techniques and multiple attack vectors.

He further added that "Cyber Attacks are not a matter of if, but when", since ransomware attacks have taken a more targeted approach. Larger organizations can afford dedicated security teams that can do full-time threat hunting, but most companies have limited resources for this. Even if organizations are willing to invest both time and money may experience difficulty to acquire the right men for the job that have enough skills and training. 
CIO Max Cheng on emphasizing the need for a state-of-the-art cybersecurity service
CIO Max Cheng on emphasizing the need for a state-of-the-art cybersecurity service

Why is MDR recommended for these cyber threats?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers 24/7 monitoring and investigation, threat hunting and response to threats upon discovery. Security technologies may have the ability to block threats, but digging deeper into the hows, whys, and whats of incidents requires a human touch. With that in mind, MDR customers will have access to their pool of security researchers and engineers, who are responsible for monitoring networks, analyzing incidents, and responding to security cases.

Trend Micro Managed XDR engages extensive sets of data from a larger pool of protection points, making it more extensive and more exact. In this approach, email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads, and network sources are being correlated that produces better insight into the source of attack thus the security personnel can detect it faster than it usually takes. Trend Micro PH has assigned 1,000 local engineers to Managed XDR service and that covers worldwide services across four strategic vectors mentioned.

During the launch, a cybersecurity specialist demonstrated the step by step process in analyzing and solving threats with a sample case named Ryuk and Trickbot. The infection chain begins with a malicious spam mail containing a downloader for TrickBot which once downloaded, will propagate laterally within the network and be able to deploy the Ryuk ransomware.

By monitoring the organization’s network and endpoint data, the specialist will decide on threats priority based on the specific indicators of compromise. The next step involves the investigation of a team of qualified security operations center (SOC) personnel of the origin and scope of the attack.  The last step is the response which entails a root cause analysis, mitigation recommendations, and toolkits to help the organization handle the incident.

Countering the Skill Shortage with Trend Micro Certified Professional Programs

As a cybersecurity vendor, Trend Micro does not only aim to recognize Filipinos’ ability in this field but also to develop more experts since there’s a shortage of this expertise. Trend Micro is now officially offered to focus on the Security Operations Center (SOC) Fundamentals, in which a 5-day course is conducted at the Trend Micro Philippines headquarters in Pasig City.  There will be two levels, one is applicable to entry-level SOC engineers and IT Fresh graduates, then the next is for the SOC professionals. In this certification program, trainees will not only learn the concepts but also be able to solve real-world threats.

This is Trend Micro’s way of sharing expertise to its customers and its partner universities. Note that this is a pilot program and the slots are already filled-in so interested applicants may visit their website www.trendmicro.com for future announcements.

What do you think about these innovations in terms of cybersecurity?
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