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Trump declares strong intent on US not doing business with Huawei

After talks of the Huawei and US ban easing up, a statement from US President Donald Trump once again puts Huawei in an awkward situation.

Trump declares strong intent on US not doing business with Huawei
Huawei and US government fiasco continues

Huawei-US ban: back to square one 

Amid the rising trade tensions between China and the US, Trump threw in a comment that the US won't be doing any business with tech giant Huawei, sources say. This means that the US will become more stringent and hold back on granting licenses to US tech companies to deal with the Chinese brand.

The ban on Huawei began in May over US national security concerns. While their relations seem to have eased up in the past weeks, this statement from Trump signals that the situation won't get better any time soon.

Meanwhile, Huawei has just announced the future-proof HarmonyOS, finally shedding light on their next step should the ban continue. 

Huawei makes it known that they are ready to deploy this operating system any time and would prove more beneficial to users than Android.

On an HDC 2019 press con held today, Huawei officials shared that they are still working closely with Google and has just released the EMUI10 which is based on Android Q. 

Let's wait and see what would happen next.

Sources Reuters, cnet
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