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Why Huawei released the HarmonyOS?

Following the launch of HarmonyOS in Dongguan, China during the HDC 2019, Huawei shared more details regarding the new operating system just a day ago.
Why Huawei released the HarmonyOS?
Huawei Product Marketing Senior Manager, James Lu

In an explainer workshop to select members of the Philippine media, Huawei Product Marketing Senior Manager, James Lu shared that HarmonyOS is not just an Android or iOS alternative, but a totally new operating system for future devices, not just phones.

Harmony OS is different from Android nor iOS. The functions of HarmonyOS are way beyond all of the current use of those available operating systems, claims Lu. HarmonyOS is a new microkernel-based, distributed OS for all scenarios. Aligning hardware and ecosystems, and delivering a fully-connected, all-scenario, intelligent experience across devices. Which is mainly targeted to smart devices such as wearables, Huawei Vision, and head units. 

During the event, Huawei also shared why they released HarmonyOS now.

Why release HarmonyOS now?

1. Huawei said that it is due to the rapid growth of technologies like 5G and AI which spurred the boom in IoT.
2. It is a part of the company's all-scenario, intelligent life strategy will be its core strategy in the next 5 to 10 years.
3. Huawei claimed that is no single OS today that can match the requirements for the 5G era.

For Huawei, those are the reasons why it is necessary to launch a new OS. It is basically to match the needs and challenges presented by the upcoming all-scenario era. 

Huawei also said that HarmonyOS responds to the need for seamless connectivity way back when no one else has thought of working on it.

During the Huawei Developers Conference in China, Huawei said that it still 
Android on their mobile phones. But, in case they won't be allowed to use Android, HarmonyOS is always there.

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