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Amazon launches new Echo devices to match HomePod and AirPods

Amazon launched a number of new Alexa-ready Echo products that range from a new speaker, true wireless earbuds, and lamp.
Amazon launches Echo Studio, Echo Buds, and more
Amazon launches Echo Studio, Echo Buds, and more

New Amazon Echo Devices

First up, the Echo Studio is a higher-end version of the Echo smart speaker. It is made to rival Apple's HomePod. The Echo Studio supports 3D Dolby and can optimize sound based on the layout of a room. It has three mid-range speakers at the left, right, and top along with a directional tweeter and a 5.25-inch subwoofer. This is designed to deliver bass and better sound quality. It can connect to 4K Fire TV devices too wherein Atmos content can fill the room with audio.

If there is one for Apple's Homepod, an AirPods competitor is also in the mix. Amazon Echo Buds are the company's first Echo wearable that has hands-free Alexa access. The Echo Buds are designed to deliver clear and crisp audio with Bose Active Noise Reduction technology included. It boasts 5 hours of continuous usage with a charging case that can add 20 hours more.
Echo Speaker and Echo Dot with Clock
Echo Speaker and Echo Dot with Clock

A new version of Echo smart speaker was also unveiled that boasts improved sound quality with new Neodynium drivers and a 3-inch woofer. With those new features, the speaker is said to have a stronger bass, clearer mids as well as highs. The design is pretty much the same with a new dark blue color option.

Echo Dot also sees a refresh as well. Dubbed as the Echo Dot with Clock, it features an LED display upfront which can show time, alarms, timers, temperature, and more.
Echo Glow and Echo Show 8
Echo Glow and Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is up next with an 8-inch display, a sleek design, and promises great audio. This is a smart display that can help you manage calendars, get weather updates, watch movies, listen to music, and do video and voice calls. It now comes in three screen sizes from 5.5 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches.

Designed for kids, the Echo Glow is a multi-color smart lamp that interacts with Alexa. It can light up in many different colors, mimic a flickering campfire, offer a sleep timer, as well as dance with the music in party mode.
Echo Frames and Echo Loop
Echo Frames and Echo Loop

A new product that is very interesting is the Echo Frames. Echo Frames is part of the Amazon "Day One Edition" products which will be produced in a limited number initially. If it becomes popular, Amazon will manufacture more.

Echo Frames are Alexa-ready glasses that look like regular eyeglasses. There are no cameras but has Alexa voice. Another Day One Edition product is the Echo Loop. It is a smart ring that has two microphones that can be activated with a tap.

It has a built-in haptic engine that vibrates when there are notifications such as an incoming call. It also has a tiny speaker for responses. It is designed to work with a phone and can also do tasks such as turning lights on/off, calculating tips, and more.

These Day One Edition products are available via invite-only. Echo Frames are priced at USD 180 while Echo Loop is at USD 130.

Price and availability

Here is the list of prices for the extensive number of Amazon Echo products announced:
  • Echo Studio - USD 199
  • Echo Buds - USD 130
  • Echo Smart Speaker - USD 100
  • Echo Dot with Clock - USD 60
  • Echo Show 8 - USD 129.99
  • Echo Glow - USD 30
  • Echo Frames - USD 180
  • Echo Loop - USD 130

What do you guys think?

Source: MacRumors
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