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MyPhone claims that myX12 is a speedy budget phone that won't overheat

At the official launch of the new myX12 earlier, MyPhone address some of the concerns regarding the said device. One of them is its use of the UNISOC SC9863.
MyPhone claims that myX12 is a speedy budget phone that won't overheat
Meet myX12

Why? While the UNISOC SC9863 is based on the pretty fast ARM Cortex-A55 x8 cores (for the price) with dual 4G LTE, AI capabilities, and more, it is still based on the older 28nm HPC+ processor technology.

In the past, some chips based on that aging manufacturing process tend to get warm to hot under heavy usage which affects the speed of the phone.

myX12 won't overheat

BUT based on our interview with MyPhone earlier, the company claimed that there's nothing to worry about.
Optimized UI
Optimized UI

MyPhone said that they closely worked with UNISOC (Speadtrum/RDA) to optimize the device. The pioneer local handset maker also noted that they placed heat-dissipating films on the phone to ensure that it will have less heat.

Moreover, MyPhone used an optimized type of stock Android 9.0 Pie to ensure that its background app management is okay.

Aside from the heat-dissipating methods by MyPhone and UNISOC, MyPhone said that the myX12 has optimized battery all-day battery life.

IF that's the case, on top of its massie 4GB RAM/64GB storage, this device is truly one of the most promising budget phones for the price.

We'll update you in our full review!

MyPhone myX12 is available at MyPhone stores, kiosks and mobile stores nationwide for PHP 5,499.

To know more about myX12, read here.
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