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GCash's new Customer Protect Program assures compensation

Fintech startup Mynt powered mobile wallet GCash eases your online worries with its newly announced Customer Protect Program.
GCash's new Customer Protect Program assures compensation
GCash Customer Protect Program

GCash Customer Protect Program!

The new program from GCash assures customers compensation for unauthorized financial transactions on their GCash app, GCash on Messenger or GCash Mastercard platforms that arise from untoward incidents of stolen mobile phones or identity theft.

To avail of the service, you must undergo full verification to establish a legitimate identity by submitting 

Users are encouraged to file reports regarding irregular transactions such as unauthorized withdrawals or point-of-sale purchases to GCash's official customer care channels within 15 days of the transaction in question. An investigation will determine if the dispute is eligible and valid. If so, transactions that amount up to PHP 100,00 will be reversed.

Only fully verified users who have their dispute reported and deemed valid are eligible for up to PHP 100,000 while semi-verified users can be compensated up to PHP 10,000. On the other hand, Basic GCash users who are not verified can avail up to PHP 2,000 in compensation.

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