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Apple slashed prices of older iPhones in the Philippines

It was two years ago when iPhone 8 series was launched here in the Philippines then last year iPhone XR entered the scene. Now that the iPhone 11 is unveiled, prices of those previously mentioned are going down.
Price cut!

Huge price drop of older iPhone units

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in the market but the price and availability in the Philippines of these newest flagship models are unknown yet.

In the meantime, prices of old iPhone models are now being marked down like the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. The price of iPhone 8 when it was freshly launched ranged from around PHP 43K to PHP 53K while the iPhone 8 Plus had cost from roughly PHP 51K to PHP 59K. This can be good news for those who want to try these models as they are still high-end after all.

Here are the prices according to the official website:

iPhone 8 64GB - PHP 30, 990
iPhone 8 128GB - PHP 33, 990
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - PHP 36, 990
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB - PHP 39, 990
iPhone XR 64GB- PHP 40,990
iPhone XR 128GB- PHP 43, 990

What are your thoughts on this price cut from Apple?

Source: Apple
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