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GCash Forest helps battle carbon emissions

GCash Forest, the personal carbon tracker within the GCash app, helped fight off the growing levels of carbon emissions.
GCash Forest helps battle carbon emissions
An initiative by GCash for our environment

GCash Forest versus Carbon Emissions

Basically, GCash Forest aims to help in avoiding carbon emissions by using more eco-friendly lifestyles. According to GCash Forest, it counted more than 300 million grams of carbon emissions prevented since its June launch.

As of the moment, GCash Forest has more than 933,000 users. Using this feature, they earn green energy points whenever they choose actions that would mean less carbon emission. These points then let them plant a virtual tree in GCash Forest which grows in every green activity,

When users earn enough points or grams of carbon emission, GCash will plant a real native tree for them at the Ipo watershed in Bulacan which is a major source of Metro Manila's water.

A yakal tree requires 20,560 grams of carbon emissions prevented which is actually how much carbon it sequester after a year of growth.

GCash Forest targets to plant 365,000 trees in 365 days to help restore the diminishing forest cover at the Ipo watershed.

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