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5 features of the Nokia 8810 4G we like

In today's digital world, nostalgia is a powerful thing. From iconic characters, toys, to technological devices of old, we enjoy reminiscing things we enjoyed in the past. Realizing this marketing potential, brands have also found a way to capitalize on nostalgia and one of them is Nokia.
5 features of the Nokia 8810 4G we like
Meet Nokia 8810 4G

Nokia 8810 4G is a modern classic you’ll want to have

Nokia is a brand that made headlines in the 2000s. Everyone had a Nokia device and there's no questioning it as they were sturdy, reliable, and gets the job done. While phones were made to allow us to communicate even from a distance, Nokia phones also evolved into fashion pieces you deck with accessories and show off. One of the early devices from the brand that stood out on the visual front is the Nokia 8810. It was a compact feature phone that made heads turn with its sophisticated look. And this classic favorite is back with a modern twist!

Here are 5 things we like about this refreshed feature phone:

1. Slider design - In this world of blocky, touchscreen phones, you'll surely break the monotony with the Nokia 8810's slider design. 

The device has a curved form factor,  with a tactile keymat protected by a polycarbonate cover. This is not just a simple cover, though. It protects your keyboard from dust or accidentally calling someone when inside the pocket, as well as locks your phone when not in use. Slide the cover down to wake your device and slide it up when you’re ready to stow it away. Plus, you can end calls in style by simply sliding the cover-up when you’re done talking.
Slider design, tactile keymat
Slider design, tactile keymat

2. Tactile keymat - If you miss what typing on a phone keypad feels, you'll surely enjoy sending text messages on the 8810 4G. This compact device is fitted with a matte tactile keymat that will have you pressing a few times to get a letter or number to appear on the display. Pressing down on the keypad feels natural and therapeutic. It’s a blast from the past you will adore.
It's a basic phone with 4G!
It's a basic phone with 4G!

3. Connectivity options - With the Nokia 8810 4G you get not just one, but three connectivity options. This phone has WiFi and 4G LTE support, which means you can look up anything on the pre-installed Google Search at blazing fast speeds or even use apps such as WhatsApp or Twitter when connected to the internet. It also can be used as mobile hotspot.

The Nokia 8810 is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing users to transfer and receive files with wires. 

4. KaiOS - The Nokia 8810 4G is powered by KaiOS which brings to the device several functionalities of a smartphone at a much affordable price. With this OS, the 8810 4G ships with an app marketplace where users can download games and other convenient apps.

5. Snake - Last but not the least is the game that got us all hooked in the 2000s, Snake. Pre-loaded in the Nokia 8810 4G, this version is now popping with colors, is packed with various levels and challenges, but is still the same endless feed-the-snake game that had us entertained before the internet.

Nokia 8110 4G Specs

Display: 2.4-inch QVGA TFT 320 x 240 resolution at 167 ppi
CPU: 1.1GHz 64-bit Snapdragon 205
GPU: Adreno 304
RAM: 512MB
ROM: 4GB expandable via microSD card slot up to 64GB
Back Camera: 2MP w/ LED flash
Battery: 1,500mAh
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.1, FM Radio, GPS, A-GPS, dual SIM
Others: IP52 splash resistance, MP3 player, Colors: traditional black, banana yellow
Dimensions: 133.5 x 49.3 x 14.9 mm
Weight: 117 g
Price: PHP 3,990

The Nokia 8810 4G retails for PHP 3,990 but you can get it for PHP 1,990 on Lazada during the 9.9 Big Discovery Sale

What Nokia classic you want to see modernized next? 
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