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PSBank upgrades website for new design and UI

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) just unveiled its improved website with a new look and user interface. It promises to provide a better customer experience online.
PSBank's redesigned website
PSBank's redesigned website

PSBank redesigns its website

The improved website is packed with a new UI that promises an easier way of navigation for its PSBank clients. The design update is part of PSBank's commitment to providing an upgraded experience for its customers. The bank's aim is to keep things easy, simple, and reliable.

PSBank customers can now easily navigate the site since it has a new user-friendly interface. PSBank also made sure that the new website is compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and browsers. The bank also implemented more functionality and security systems to protect users' information as well as improve usability.

PSBank promises that this website is a step towards more banking innovation across all platforms available. It is the bank's way of affirming and addressing the digital movement in terms of lifestyle preferences.

It should allow PSBank to reach its clientele across a wider network.

To check PSBank's new website, visit this link.

Are you PSBank user? What do you guys think?
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