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Xiaomi announces first 30W wireless charging tech, to debut with Mi 9 Pro 5G

In China, Xiaomi announced a breakthrough wireless charging tech. The company has introduced the world's very first 30W fast wireless charging solution with high-power reverse-charging capability.
Xiaomi announces first 30W wireless charging tech, to debut with Mi 9 Pro 5G
Xiaomi 30W charging

Xiaomi also announced that this solution will first be available to the Mi 9 Pro 5G. This announcement that the Mi 9 Pro 5G is real and it will be available soon as well.

A breakthrough wireless charging tech

According to the company, it uses a 4:1 direct-charge architecture that utilizes two levels of charge pump voltage reduction. The new solution will further improve efficiency while reducing the heat from charging.
30W wireless charging!
30W wireless charging!

It uses Bluetooth to combine data and power transmission which greatly reduces the chance of disconnecting while in wireless charging.

For reverse wireless charging, it has up to 10W. That's faster than all reverse wireless charging solutions in the market today.

It also has seven protection measurements such as over-current and over-voltage protection to ensure that the reverse charge is safe and reliable.

Xiaomi claimed that it can charge your 4,000mAh battery from 0 to 50 percent in about 25 minutes and 0 to 100 percent in 69 minutes.

The company announced that the Mi 9 Pro 5G will support four types of charging: wired fast charging, wireless flash charging, wired OTG reverse charging, and wireless reverse charging.

In addition, the company also revealed that it is working on a 40W wireless charging solution that we can expect in its future devices.

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