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Araneta Center teams up with Globe to provide GoWiFi for mall-goers

One of the considerations of the majority of mall-goers nowadays is a fast internet connection during shopping. Araneta Center saw this need so it is partnering with Globe to provide FREE GoWiFi service for mall visitors.
Araneta Center teams up with Globe to provide GoWiFi for mall-goers
Globe-Araneta partnership is now official

An upgrade in shopping experience, FREE WiFi!

According to Ernest Cu, President and CEO of the said telecommunications company, "Globe ensures that customers have access to fast and reliable internet to make the most out of their digital lifestyle. This partnership with Araneta Center will allow more customers to enjoy free WiFi services using Globe’s high-speed GoWiFi service and make their shopping-and internet surfing-truly a one-of-a-kind experience."

This GoWiFi service is continuously developing all over the country but it is highly focusing on strategic areas like malls, hospitals, and schools. With an increase of 500 sites from the previous year, GoWiFi can be accessed in 2,500 sites nationwide for the first half of 2019.

It is available to all users regardless of network, whether Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk N Text, and even international numbers. The company’s goal is to make high-quality internet connection accessible and affordable to more Filipino users. Also, it aims to improve WiFi experience with speeds of up to 100Mbps depending on the location.

To further elaborate the cause of this partnership, Araneta Center’s SVP for Business Development John Peter B. Castelo said, "The Araneta Center is happy to collaborate with Globe in providing a fast, reliable, and seamless Wi-Fi facility within its estate. We look forward to attracting even more patrons by providing a robust internet-enabling service to many of our tech-savvy customers who rely heavily on their mobile phones and related devices for their lifestyle choices." 

In doing their part of this collaboration, The Araneta Center claimed that they will provide a technology platform and an online tool for their customers to enjoy.

To try the free GoWiFi access while at the Araneta Center complex, Globe and non-Globe users can simply go to @AranetaCenter_FreeGoWiFi on their device’s WiFi setting, and click the SSID for Araneta Center @Araneta_FreeGoWiFi.

Visit https://www.globe.com.ph/gowifi for more details about this service.

What are your thoughts on this partnership?
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