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Essential is working on a phone with "never-before-seen" design

Remember Essential, the phone brand by Android co-founder Andy Rubin? It is back after the release of PH-1 in 2017.
Essential is working on a phone with "never-before-seen" design
Weirdly tall

An extra tall smartphone

AND, on Twitter, Andy Rubin and the official Essential page teased the #ProjectGEM prototype smartphone.
In different colors
In different colors

Based on its design, the Project GEM doesn't look like any other phone we've seen before.

If you think that the new Sony phones with 21:9 screens are tall, think again. The Project GEM phone is extra tall, weirdly tall.
In front, it showed a near bezel-less screen with a punch-hole for the selfie camera, but it is so much narrower and taller than the usual phones we know.

At the back, the company highlighted an array of colors with "GEM Colorshift" material which should provide some sort of shine and gradients to the phone. There are a fingerprint scanner and a large circular camera hump at the back as well.

Since the camera hump is quite big, we expect it to be a pretty powerful single camera hardware for photos and videos.

We do not know yet the idea behind this and if all modern Android apps will be compatible with this device, but it is quite interesting.

The UI of the phone showed that it has a clock and Spotify widgets. There are apps such as the 
Phone, Maps, Compass, Messages, and Gallery as well.

But not much has been revealed about this handset yet. XDA reported that it might rung with the 8nm Snapdragon 730 chip from Qualcomm.

Surely, it will load with Android 10 OS.

What do you guys think? Stay tuned for more info!

Sources: Essential, Andy Rubin, XDA
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