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Get 50 percent off the iPhone 11 series with Beyond the Box trade-in program

Beyond the Box announced its trade-in program for the new iPhone 11 series that is set to launch on October 25!
Get 50 percent off the iPhone 11 series with Beyond the Box trade-in program
Beyond the Box to sell iPhone 11 on midnight of October 25

Trade-in for 50 percent off an iPhone 11

To keep your kidneys safe, you can trade-in your current device for the much-anticipated iPhone 11 series at Beyond the Box. To get an estimate on your device, you can visit any Beyond the Box branch. Their store personnel will inspect and evaluate your phone thoroughly. 

If you agree on the trade-in value given, the store will give you instant credit toward a purchase of an iPhone of any other Apple device or premium accessory in the store.

These are the phones eligible for the trade-in:

Get up to 50 percent off via the Box Trade-in program
Up to 50 percent off!

If your device is not yet in the list, Beyond the Box constantly updates the list so you can call or visit a branch near you to check. You can also bring in more than one device to trade-in as well.

For the trade-in, customers are required to present 1 valid government-issued ID with photo, full name, address, and date of birth. Of course, bring the device for trade-in as well as its accessories if still available.

Before you bring your phone, we highly suggest to back up your data. Beyond the Box states that it is not liable for any loss of data. Devices that cannot deactivate the "Find my iPhone" feature is not viable for the trade-in as well. In addition, non-Apple devices are also accepted for trade-ins.

Lastly, the remaining balance can be paid through an installment payment plan if needed. 

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