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MediaTek to launch a 7nm 5G chip for low-end phones, flagship 6nm chip!

Following the release of its first 5G chip earlier this year, MediaTek is said to launch more processors with the new connectivity tech.
MediaTek to launch a 7nm 5G chip for low-end phones, flagship 6nm chip!

Budget 7nm 5G SoC

One of them is the company's second 5G SoC with "MT6873" codename based on the 7nm manufacturing processor.

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It is said to feature the same architecture of MT6885, but the chip size will be reduced by 25 percent. So, the cost will be reduced as well. It is expected to launch in the middle of next year, be mass-produced in Q2 2020, and be with low-end 5G mobile phones of OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, and so on.

6nm-based chip!

After that, MediaTek will make a flagship 5G SoC based on the 6nm EUV process. It could be one of the first chips based on the said manufacturing processor. It is also the first EUV product of the company.

It is said to come with a frequency band below 6GHz with millimeter-wave support, CPU upgrade to ARM Hercules, and GPU upgrade to second-gen Valhall architecture.

The 6nm chip will be completed in Q3 2020 and will be mass-produced in Q4 2020.

MediaTek is targeting to exceed 100 million units sold.

While this story is still a bit early, I can say that this news is still quite exciting.

Source: MyDrivers
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