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Microsoft will officially introduce Windows 10X for dual-screen in 2020!

Tech giant Microsoft continues to innovate Windows 10 as it is widely used by users for business and personal purposes like browsing the web, managing documents and even for gaming. This time, Windows 10X was created for dual-screen computers.
Microsoft will officially introduce Windows 10X  for dual-screen in 2020!
A peak on what Windows 10X may look on foldable devices

Windows 10X: Marriage of current Windows 10 features and new ideas

The multinational technology company shared its idea for a totally new category of dual-screen devices with a teaser of Surface Neo. According to Microsoft, they came up with this vision because of the users’ expectations from their PCs. They look for performance, flexibility, capability, and compatibility and at the same time, it should be sleek and compact. It seems that Windows 10X was made to fit this entirely new hardware design. Microsoft basically took the features that users like and familiar within Windows 10 then build Windows 10X from it.

The first advantage of Windows 10X that the company mentioned was flexibility since it will allow multitasking so people can accomplish their tasks with more speed. Microsoft expects that this feature will appeal to professionals on-the-go. 

Aside from that, the tech giant also emphasized the technical approach that means Windows 10X included some enhancements from the Windows technology but in an optimized version suited for mobile use. It is claimed that users of Windows 10 will be able to use Windows 10X with nearly no learning curve. The navigation and functionality will feel familiar for them since the Windows 10X PC will feel like a natural member of today’s Windows 10 family.

Few considerations were just included like, for example, battery life and battery management are highly considered since two screens will be operated.

Microsoft stated that the Windows 10X will be available dual-screen and foldable devices starting in the fall of 2020, timely for holiday season. These will include both Microsoft Surface and devices from several Windows ecosystem partners including ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The first batch will differ in size, design, and specs, and be powered by Intel.

It is clarified that this is not an OS upgrade for a PC since this is dedicated for dual-screen computers.

Since these innovations are still in the early stage of development, details on pricing and availability to other countries are not yet divulged so stay tuned for more updates.

Are you thrilled to use the Windows 10X in the near future? What do you think?

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