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SDC 2019: Samsung teases a "clamshell" type Galaxy Fold!

At the Samsung Developers Conference 2019, Samsung has just teased its next-generation foldable device, a version of the Galaxy Fold with clamshell-type design.
SDC 2019: Samsung teases a "clamshell" type Galaxy Fold!
Clamshell fold!

The next-gen FOLD!

Unlike the first fold that could go as big as a tablet when unfolded, the upcoming foldable Samsung phone explores a smaller new form factor featuring flip phone-like look.

When folded, it'll remind you of the iconic Motorola RAZR. When unfolded, it'll transform into a modern-looking full-pledge smartphone with a punch-hole in the middle just like the Galaxy Note10 series.

The practical use of this smartphone aside from its smaller form factor and the way you can make its other-half work like stand while watching videos are still unknown for now.

Maybe, Samsung just wants to show that this type of tech is possible.

Nevertheless, it is an exciting piece of upcoming tech. For sure, Samsung has new-generation solutions to make this new fold design more durable than the first-gen Galaxy Fold that had some flex and screen problems.

Samsung is expected to launch this device at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona Spain.

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Are you guys excited?

Source: Samsung
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