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What you can do with Vivo V17 Pro's AI pose master

Vivo's mid-range offering which showcases a pop-up camera for selfies. But aside from this nifty feature that gives way to true full-screen experience, one that shouldn't be missed is the V17 Pro's camera features. 
What you can do with Vivo V17 Pro's AI pose master
Make the most of Vivo V17 Pro's quad-camera system and 32MP selfie camera with the AI Pose Master 

Want to take great IG photos? Vivo V17 Pro’s AI Pose Master just might be what you need

What does the AI Pose Master bring to the table? Utilizing AI, this in-camera app feature will track your position and, through dotted guidelines, show you a more optimized pose to follow.
Vivo V17 Pro dual-selfie cam
Vivo V17 Pro dual-selfie cam

This feature is best for those new to the IG-photo-curation game, or just about anyone who wants to take better self-portraits.

This feature also works with a variety of scenes as well as selfies to group selfies for everyone to be photo-ready.

Alongside the AI Pose Master, the V17 Pro also takes pride in the Super Night Mode and AI Make-Up modes. 

There are plenty of other modes and features that will help users to the get best shots like its Super Night Mode with its f/1.8 aperture for nightlife photos.

To see camera samples by Vivo V17 Pro, read here.

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